Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We Have a Trader At Home :)

"Mama, market down." "Market down, Mama", screamed my son in quick succession in his typical manner of repeating-the-same-thing-until-mom-acknowledges.

I looked at him in surprise not because of what he said but for what he did. Repeating what others say comes naturally to kids his age. But a follow-up action was taking it too far. My f-in-law had switched on NDTV profit to see if the bulls were roaring and was disappointed to see the early morning trades taking a hit. So he had said "market is down". And LG, who had just finished his lunch, got down from his high chair and washed his hands. While muttering "market down", he props himself on my chair, opens the laptop, puts on my glasses and clicks on the window that had ICICI direct opened up. Walking on mama's steps?