Thursday, November 23, 2006

Indigestion? Try Gelusil or any antacid

Indigestion and heartburn is one of the most common complaints I have had during the course of the past 7 months. Since everyone advised against any medication without doctor's advise I refrained from using anything without consulting my gynaec.

Later on consultation with her, I figured it was safe to have Gelusil or Dygiene. I've had Eno a few times though it is best to keep it to a minimum as Eno produces gas. Sometimes a betel leaf stuffed with ajwain (omam) and a little salt also works wonders. Try and refrain from fried and spicy stuff for dinners. You might also want to stay away from any drink that induces acidity like lemon juice or tea in empty stomach. Nothing helps like a short walk after dinner. Most of my indigestion sessions are only after dinners. Though it is very tempting physically to just crash in the bed after a long day, stay awake for atleast an hour after dinner and before going to bed.

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