Thursday, April 05, 2007

Smart tips on how to buy baby clothes

One of the pleasurable experiences of parenthood is to shop for your baby - be it clothing, shoes, bags or even nappies :) If you are heavily pregnant as in the third trimester, then you can temporarily forget the discomforts of your pregnancy by indulging in a shopping spree for our to-be-born child. I know in many cultures, it is believed ominous to shop for a not yet born baby.

I have to confess that it never occurred to me to shop for Pranav. I was so engrossed in my day-to-day throwing up, dash-to-the-loo routines that shopping was the last thing on mind. In hindsight, I think it would have diverted my attention and made me feel better. Pranav's grandparents drew immense pleasure in shopping for their first grandchild for about 6 months before he was born - from diapers to socks to food warmer to baby blankets to name-a-thing-and-it-was-there.

Here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind while shopping for clothes. A lot of new dresses went waste and some of them he wore just once, so here's what I learnt from my experience!

  1. Fabric: First and foremost - Keep your geographical location and climatic condition in mind. If your baby is expected to arrive in May in India, then there is no point buying a dozen socks and sweaters and woolen dresses. Buy cotton dresses.

  2. Size : Babies grow at an alarming rate in the first 6 months. What fits them this week will not fit them next week. Do not be carried away by the sizes displayed on the dresses. Please do not buy dresses which have "for newborn" tag in them. Just buy in 2-3 sets of 0-3 months size. You will find that your baby outgrows them within 2-3 weeks. For a newborn,buy dresses that are meant for 3 month old baby.

  3. Style : This is the most important part in the shopping process where we get carried away. A lot of dresses are styled nicely but are extremely uncomfortable to be put on a newborn. Remember that your baby is just out and you need to handle them carefully. You will need to change your baby's clothes several times a day in the first few weeks. So buy buttoned up shirts or those that can be slipped from the bottom and tied on the shoulders. Please avoid t-shirt styled shirts. Lifting the baby every time and squeezing the shirt through the little one's head causes them discomfort.

    All these dresses come in cute styles and colors but comfort of the baby comes first. You can buy those dresses of your satisfaction but don't put them on your kid just because you like it. I got a cute red one that had a small teddy soft toy fitted on the front and Pranav looked very cute it. But the look on his face said it all and I never put it on him again. Your baby is not into fashion yet!

  4. Minimal clothing : It is a common misconception that kids feel cold all the time since they are just out of a closed confinement. Fact is they don't feel any more cold than us. Infact they are happy with as much less clothing as possible. Covers are generally kicked by babies. So when the mercury is tough 37 deg C don't stuff them with blankets.
    Check if a baby is feeling hot or cold by feeling their neck or tummy. So do not invest in socks/mittens/woolen caps if you are expecting a baby in summer

  5. Colors : This is a individualistic taste and choice. Just be careful that the color you choose do;t make them feel hot/cold like avoid black in summers and opt darker colors for winter.

  6. Decorative Items - a big NO NO. About 5 sets of dresses that were gifted to me went waste because they had embroidered patterns on the chest of the dress. If you look on the inside of the dress, they have heavy stitching and a cloth patch work. Though the design look cute, they will cause irritation to the baby's body. So its best to stick to printed designs.

  7. Neckline : An outfit that is adorable can also be cumbersome to put on. One common problem in baby dresses is the small neckline. So check if neckline snaps to comfortably slip in the head of the baby. I may of the dresses I bought I had to cut open one of the shoulders to fit in a Velcro so that the dress can slip in through the head easily.

  8. Shoes : Don't give into the temptations of consumerism. Shoes that small will look enticing. But your baby doesn't need it until he is old enough to walk outdoors o the pavement on his own. Inside the house, it is best for him to walk barefoot.

  9. Daytime/nighttime. Indoor/Outdoor clothes. Always take stock of how many clothes you have under each of these categories. Even during summers, you can put on something little warmer. For instance, if you put on a sleeveless buttoned up shirt the you can choose to have sleeved shirts for the night that would keep them warm. Similarly light clothes that the kid can easily move about ad play in for indoors and a little heavy and expensive ones for outdoors.


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