I've been so upset since yesterday with LG's bowel movements that have resulted in dysentery - watery motion about 9 times yesterday followed by a vomit ting session late night. No medication worked - Reflora /Walomycin. Switched over to Darolac this morning with no effect. I had this instinct of something white in his mouth for the past 3 days but it never struck me it could be his teeth. At about 11:00 a.m. when the whole family was pondering over the next step and if we needed to see a different paediatrician etc, I discovered two white pearls in his bottom jaw - 2 little teeth just emerging out. No wonder the boy is in so much trouble.

I was upset about the fact that his new Paediatrician asked me to wait out 48 hours for her medication for dysentery to work. I found that a lil strange as it can dehydrate and make little ones extremely tired.

I feel so stupid about having not discovered his teeth before. Maybe they weren't there and just appeared today. The signs of the same have been there for a week. He puts anything he can get hold of in his mouth - his finger, my finger, rug, rubber sheet, bed sheet, my dress, toys and just about anything. For the past week or so, he had shifted from his thumb to putting the entire hand. And not to forget the fact that he was drawing extreme pleasure from biting me while feeding. How did I not figure out then...guess that's why I am a first time mom. Despite having seen so many episodes of LG not being well, I never get used to the fact that I can handle it all well. I get so sad and worried every time he undergoes something...and the fact that to a mother's eye the child gets leaner every time he is sick..

But I am happy to see this teeth - teeny weeny white ones :)

Some symptoms that I discovered:

  1. Sucking on his finger and just about anything

  2. Loose motions : as widely believed teething does not cause fever or loose motion. Teething just causes teeth to appear. Loose motion, cold all happen because of infection due to virus and germs.

  3. Potty smells a lot during teething

  4. A drastic change in appetite and refusal to eat anything. From being a non-fussy eater, he has become extremely fussy.

What has helped during teething?

  1. Teether - teething ring that is washed in normal water and refrigerated (not in the freezer). Biting the teether seems to soothe him.

  2. Cup and spoon feeding has become next to impossible. I know it is probably infectious but I am left with no resort and I fed him with my finger (with nails cut and thoroughly washing before feeding him) today because the boy wasn't eating anything at all. And he seemed to enjoy sucking on my finger. Have stopped lactose based food such as NaN, Lactogen, Cerelac etc. Giving him only Nestum Rice.

  3. Electral - ORS to take care of dehydration

  4. Cold apple juice. Apparently anything cold is supposed to help the baby.