These are some of the precautions that I was advised to take by the Doctor and older memmbers in the family:

  1. Do not lift weights. Almost everyday through teh first trimester I heard this advise from one and all. Lifting weights is known to cause bleeding or miscarriage. Women in India have a habit of lifting a bucket of water or a cooker full of rice and vegetables. It is good if these are avoided. Plan your day such that some member in the family can help you with your daily chores if you don't have a domestic maid.

  2. I had this bad habit of gobbling tablets - self medication for everything without the advise of the doctor - be it fever, headache, dysentery or whatsoever. Getting rid of this habit was the most toughest one. DO NOT consume any tablets even as minor as paracetamol without the advise of your doctor. Anything that you eat has an effect on the foetus.

  3. I was prone to indigestion and heartburn right from the begining. Hence, the doctor advised me to avoid eating out as much as I can. Ofcourse there were times when I gave into my temptation such as today ..the reaction was immediate. I ended up puking within 15 mins of consuming Gulab Jamun and Samosa. Fried foods from the outside are best avoided as are green salads. You can never be sure if they are washed and cooked well.

  4. Do not stay hungry. My doctor said it is usual to lose weight in the first trimester and need not be a matter of concern. All she advised was to eat whatever I liked even after vomitting and not to stay hungry.