Nausea or Morning Sickness as is commonly known is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. It all started one evening when we were visiting a friend's place and I felt so tired that I couldn't explain and excused myself back home. The evening tea churned itself before finding its way to the wash basin. When the same episode repeated next morning, I knew what was happening...

I'm so glad that the first trimester is officially over and the signs of irritability are waning..I'm told some people experience morning Sickness throughout the term of their pregnancy accompanied by tiredness and lethargy and inability to get up from bed every morning. Morning sickness occurs due to hormonal changes, changes in blood pressure etc..I've been lucky so far as not to experience severe Morning Sickness.

It was tough to determine what caused my mood swings initially so I followed the process of elimination. What suits one person and does not suit one varies from one woman to another. Sense of smell and taste is very high now. Some of the things that caused me irritiation were:

  1. Milk

  2. The smell of making chappathi

  3. Grinding masala and deep fryng

Natural Remedies to control Nausea:

  1. Having identified what causes nausea by the process of elimination over a few weeks, I satyed away from them until I was totally sure the phase is over. When dinner was made, i would take a stroll in the terrace to be away from the masala frying and making of rotis. If you have to cook your dinner, then I suggest cook something that suits you for the others as well. Your health is of prime importance now.

  2. Pomogranate is know to have medicinal qualities in controlling nausea. So have it any form you like - as seeds, as juice or mixed with honey.

  3. Deep breathing. For 12 weeks now, I have been practising deep breathing as and when I can. Inhale and exhale deeply concentrating on the breathing with eyes closed.

  4. Consume iron rich foods. I started having salads instead of cooked food for lunch everyday. That did wonders.

  5. Try herbal tea or crackers.