Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally, I'm at peace

The ded footiya (1.5 foot) at home has decided to take a nap after being on a damage mission for 4.5 hours. And, there is nothing more calmer right now than seeing your toddler take a break, which in turn means I can rest my bones before he gets up all charged to be on a troll.

I am aging and I hate to admit it but I'm no match for his energy and enthusiasm. He is on his knees the whole time he's awake; it's a struggle to keep pace with him. I'm blank right now; can't think what to do - there are tons of work that needs to be completed - assignments to be sent, stories to be submitted and money to be made but all that will have to wait. I can barely manage to get words out of my head and mouth.

Over and out until I get my energy back!