Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Building Blocks

It was exactly a year back when I got my son his first set of building blocks. My brother and I grew up playing Lego toys building tractors, houses, building, and cars. But what I forgot was we were over four or five years old when we made interesting things out of those colorful blocks. Wasn't it a little too early for a one year old to be attracted to some random shapes? This was at my mom's last January. After that I got another set in Pune a few months back which just occupied one corner of the huge toy box. A few days ago, out of the blue LG started making shapes sitting patiently in his room struggling to fix atop another. Was I surprised? Well, not really because if I start acting surprised for everything he does these days then I would stay in that state the whole day.

Going to school has opened up a new side of LG altogether. Earlier we would plead with him to play with toys and now we have to plead to get him out of the room because he doesn't want to eat or sleep. Such an immense transformation in a matter of five weeks. Last evening, I had an opportunity to take a picture of one of his latest creations with the blocks...sure the CG seemed out of balance for the structure..but who cares when it comes of a two year old. Here I present to you his latest: