Thursday, April 02, 2009

This leg too

My mom called up last evening to say she had something important to tell that she had forgotten the earlier evening. I was on my way to the park with LG and told her to go on fully expecting it must be something related to her grand-son. She went on to say, "There is this Bru ad airing on TV. The wife returns home tired and serves her husband a hot cup of coffee. Energised by the cuppa he rubs her leg and you know what she actually puts the other foot forward just like mottai."

I was like ,"Umm." She was obviously disappointed by my nonchalance; as an explanation I offered that this has been on air for a while now totally forgetting the lady was quite engrossed with her grandson the past few months to watch TV :) and joined her in her excitement.

So yea, when LG visits mom, she has this habit of massaging his leg every now and then which is like many times a day. She used to tell me that kids' legs must be tired with all the crawling and the running around they do. Grannies and their stories! This has obviously been going on since LG was a few weeks old (his legs were apparently tired with all the air push-ups he did then). So on this visit when she started gently rubbing his leg, he offered the other one before she could be done with one each and every time. Now you know the reason of the excited call!