The only supplements presecribed by any doctor during the course of pregnancy are Folic Acid, Calcium and Iron tablets.

The day you get to know you are pregnant and visit a doctor, the first thing he/she will prescribe is a Folic acid tablet such as Folivite. Folic Acid ( a B Vitamin) helps in the formation of a child's brain and is to be had during the first trimester as this is when the child's brain develops.

Iron and calcium supplements are started during the second trimester and is to be continued until the end of the pregnancy. The calcium needs of a pregnant woman is nearly double as that of a normal woman. I was prescribed 2 tables of 250 mg Calcium Sandoz each day and a tablet of autrin (iron) everyday.

There have been days when I have skipped Calcium Sandoz and the results have been imminent. Back pain usually occurs when the intake of calcium is low. Having said that, it is not good to rely just on these supplements for adequate Calcium and Iron requirements by the body. These are only prescribed since it is not possible to get the entire amount through food intake. Diets rich in Calcium such as milk, curd, buttermilk, dark leafy vegetables should be consumed.