Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 32 : New Gynaecologist

Today we arrived at my parent's place as this is where we intend to have the delivery. So one of the first things on my list was to consult with my new doctor. My new gynaecologist has her own hospital that is about 5 minutes walk from where I live. Being in the same neighbourhood as that of the hospital has its own advantages towards the end - the third trimester when it is difficult to predict anything.

I was quite apprehensive about meeting this doctor despite hearing from a lot of folks that is very reputed out here. The rapport I shared with my doctor at Pune was amazing - our temperaments matched - cool headed, casual without being panicky about every thing. To expect the same out of this doctor would have been unreasonable. But I'm glad it all turned out fine. I was satisfied so was my family. The infrasturcture at the hospital also was quite satisfactory - cleanliness figuring the top on our list.

When you change your gynaecologist midterm, it is important to do the groundwork and enquire from a few people who know the Doctor or have been treated atleast once from her to get a first hand opinion. It is quite common in India for pregnant girls to deliver their first child in their parent's hometown while the first part of the pregnancy - usually the first and second trimester is spent with the husband or the town they live. With increasing number of working women, this trend is fast changing with the girl's folks traveling to where the mother-to-be resides for the delivery.