When I was 34 weeks pregnant, we had everything ready in preparation for the D-Day. Its a good idea to have your bags packed by the time you are 36 weeks after that. It can happen anytime and staying prepared to leave for the hospital anytime of the day/night avoids last minute anxiety and frustration of having missed out something important and rushing back and forth between hospital and home.

Here is a detailed checklist from my bags:

For the mother-to-be while in labour (before the baby is born):

  1. Bathroom Slippers

  2. Night gowns (2)

  3. Hot water to drink

  4. Horlicks/juice

  5. Flask with hot water

  6. Cell phone :)

  7. Some magazine to browse if pain doesn't set in

  8. Hand wash, soap etc

  9. Comb

  10. Toothbrush, toothpaste

For your parents or anyone who is going to stay with you at the hospital:

  1. Waiting time from the moment you are wheeled into the operating room until discharge ca take long. Some times as long as 7 to 8 hours. This can be a very anxious time for parents/husband. So its a good idea to keep some magazines handy though there is a very less likelihood of they flipping through the pages.

  2. Snacks/juice/water

  3. Mobile charger

  4. Bathroom slippers

  5. Bedsheets for the night (2) if you don't like hospital provided ones

  6. Toiletries

  7. Change of clothes, atleast 1 pair

  8. Digital Camera /camcorder

For after the birth:

  1. Sanitary napkins meant for maternity

  2. Nursing bras

  3. Night gowns (2)

  4. Nursing pads or small white cloth for overflowing milk

  5. Comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand wash, soap

  6. Garbage bags

For the baby

  1. A small bathtub

  2. Johnson's baby kit - baby hair oil, baby oil, baby soap, baby powder

  3. Pampers' newborn Diaper for the baby when you have to leave from the hospital

  4. Nappies - atleast 15 of them

  5. White cloth to put underneath the baby

  6. Rubber sheet for the baby

  7. Cotton wrap for the baby - 6

  8. Socks if it is cold else don't waste your money on this. Kids hate socks.

  9. White cotton cloth to wipe baby's face

  10. Wipes to clean the baby after stools/urine

  11. Receiving sheet for the baby

  12. Baby blanket/fleece blanket (2) if it is cold.

  13. Old cotton dresses of the baby to wear

  14. One nice dress to get the baby back home