If you are practical and wise, then it is a good idea to set up the nursery atleast 8 weeks before your EDD (Expected Date of Delivery). If you are over at your mom's or MIL's place, then you may have a lot of help to do it. But if you are on your own, then it is not such a bad idea to get started even before. The second trimester was a breeze compared to the first and what I am going through right now. All I am worried about right now is when it is going to happen and if I am going to throw up tonight - can't think any better than that. Forget getting stuff done. so I am glad that mom thought it through and has everything figured out and ready.

Here's a list of things that my nursery has for the baby:

Updated after LG's birth
Clothing :

  1. It is neither too hot nor too cold here.So based on the climate you might want to shop for your newborn. Assuming that the baby will feel any colder than you do is a misconception I am told. Right now, we have about 15 sets of button up sleeveless cotton shirts. These are cheap and available for Rs. 15 a piece. Very convenient for the baby - easy to slip in and change.

  2. Washable nappies - the triangular ones don't work well. Get the trapezoidal ones. This is what you will need the most. babies urinate anywhere between 20-30 times a day the first few weeks.

  3. White cotton clothes - again about 30-40 of them made from used dhotis or new cotton cloth.

  4. Rubber sheet - atleast 2 of them.

  5. Receiving blanket - 4 to 5 of these. you may not need a hooded blanket and you can use the same while carrying the baby outside.

  6. Socks, mittens were a big waste. Babies just don't like to wear any of these.

  7. Baby pillows. This is not so much for the head, but to give a cushioning effect recreating the atmosphere of the womb. babies sleep better in a cosy environment.

  8. Disposable nappies for your visits to the Paed.

  9. A baby basket to store baby's clothes. A hamper to store other essentials and baby's medicines

  10. Bedsheets - you would need to change atleast one everyday. If you have old bed sheets at home, then do not throw them away. You will need them all until your baby is 7 months old.


  1. Baby towel

  2. Baby tub - either the circular one or the one where babies Can be strapped. the ones where babies can be strapped works well for mothers who bathe the baby themselves.

  3. Johnson's baby soap and baby shampoo

  4. Johnson's baby oil and baby hair oil

  5. Vaseline or diaper rash cream

  6. Dettol to clean the baby's clothes

  7. A laundry basket to store soiled nappies and clothes.

You don't need any other lotion or powder. Babies smell good already :)

If you plan to co-sleep with the baby, you don't need a crib. I co-sleep with LG and it has worked great for both of us.