Thursday, April 26, 2007

First alien food : Carrot juice

Lil General got introduced to his first alien food today. He is over 4 months now and Doc advised me to give him juices - apple, carrot and tomato, dal water and coconut water now that it is summer.

I decided to start with carrot, - boiled, mixered and filtered with a tinge of sugar. When I got the bottle to his mouth, he was all eager to take it as he does in every feed. The first sip didn't strike him, then he had a perplexed look on his face, wrinkled all the muscles he has and made a dirty face and pushed the bottle away with his leg. To my surprise, he looked at the bottle and gazed deeply perhaps wondering why the color had changed from white to orange. I tried again and within 2-3 trials he was more than happy to finish the bottle.

40 ml is a good quantity to start with and one can go up to 100 ml. Half a carrot s ideal for a baby. The other way to prepare carrot juice is to boil the carrot, grind it in mixer and filter it in a sterilized strainer and feed the baby. Be careful so that there are no lumps else the baby will find it difficult to swallow.

Alternate carrot juice with tomato, apple juice etc else the baby will find it too boring.