A mother must take utmost care on what she eats during the breastfeeding period. Some foods can cause adverse reaction in infants. So its better to be safe than sorry and ignorance will definitely not be bliss here. Most Indian pregnancies are done at their' parents and moms are generally around during the first three months so it should not be a problem. The digestive system in new born babies is still developing which is why you need to exercise caution. Here is the list of foods that I was advised to avoid totally for the first three months. Since the baby is growing, so would his digestive system, hence even if you are nursing it would be ok to include some of the following foods that you might have avoided in the first 3 months.

  1. Brinjal / Eggplant

  2. Excessive Tomato and excessive coconut

  3. Cauliflower, Potato - anything that causes gas - slowly introduce it into the diet by the third month

  4. Wheat in the form of chapatis, pooris - causes delayed digestion

  5. Rawa - difficult to digest

  6. Jackfruit,Mango and certain varieties of Banana are known to cause fits

  7. Fried stuff and any outside food.

  8. Pooris and deep fried snacks

  9. Limited caffeine and no chocolates

  10. Citrus

  11. Nothing spicy which means no green and red chilly. Only pepper.

My rule of thumb was to avoid foods that would delay my digestion or upset my system. I have still not started eating out at restaurants. I'm very sensitive to food that is not prepared hygienically but that might not be the case with you and your system might be immune to it. So its totally a case to case basis after 3 moths. Restricting food too much will only delay the process of you getting accustomed to everything.