Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready to Leave the Nest

My son turns 2 years next Thursday. I can't believe he thinks that he is already old enough to fly out of the nest. He has done it before and repeated it today. Once before, in a bag he packed his belongings that he deemed were important for his existence. This evening, he packed a bag yet again. Since the two incidents were atleast five months apart, the contents of the bag varied - a sign that he is growing up and so his needs are changing :) The earlier one had just a comb and water bottle.

Today's bag contained :

1. Water bottle (aware of hunger, thirst)
2. Books - one needs certain things for entertainment
3. A pair of dress comprising shirts and track pants - yes, after susu one needs to change, right?
4. Two sweaters - it's cold in Bangalore

After stuffing this, the plastic packet was full but he needed more essentials inside it before leaving home. So the packing continued.

5. Sandals
6. An elephant toy
7. And how can I forget his pillows? He smelled the pillows to see if they smelled fresh.

Am I surprised that he has his travel checklist ready? I can entrust him with the job of packing from now onwards.


Timepass said...

wow, LG is all set to go is it?? smelling pillows??so neat and efficient...

Kodi's Mom said...

too cute! he's got all essentials covered!

Vivek said...

AWSOME ... he he he aint he the best entertainment channel life cud give us