Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My two-year-old's first art project

Anything that my son does makes me immensely proud and this is no exception. Just before his playschool closed for holidays, I saw him holding this piece of paper in his hand when I went to pick him up. His ma'am said proudly, "Oh, he has started scribbling with crayons and took away the paper ready to send him home." I asked, "If you don't mind, can I have it? I would like to show it to his dad." This was my son's first art work at school, how could I just let it go? I know, I know if I started saving every piece of paper he ever wrote on, the basement wouldn't be sufficient, let alone our modest apartment. But who cares? Here I present to you his first drawing :) And yea, if you are not a parent, you wouldn't understand so don't bother to ask what I see in these colorful zig-zag lines. Like Jennifer said in a recent post, never ever turn your back on a child with crayons. Li'l General is only too happy to pain the floor tiles red and orange. The walls have been spared, for how long am not sure.