Nestle's Cerelac Stage 4 - a cereal for babies between 10 and 24 months - came in two flavors until recently : mixed dal fruit and mixed dal vegetable. Sometime last year, they withdrew the mixed fruit version. With only the vegetable version available, LG's breakfast primarily consisted of Cerelac for atleast 3 days in a week. He had grown to like the texture, taste and ease of eating Cerelac. I know not many parents like to admit in the open that they do feed Cerelac to their toddlers.

Sometime in October, Cerelac stage 4 went out of circulation. Not one pharmacy or departmental store in Bangalore stocked it. Their claim it was just not supplied anymore. Not wanting to go back to stage 3 or switch over to Nestum, I felt this was a good opportunity to get him used to other dishes for breakfast like home-made porridge, idli, cornflakes and just about anything else we adults have. The Seniol and I are used to having just cornflakes for breakfast. It's been over 3 months now and there's not much fuss over breakfast with LG. Over at my parent's, my mom has introduced him now to another kind of porridge that he TOTALLY loves and asks for more.

Back to the original question: just wondering why did Nestle pull Cerelac Stage 4 out of the market considering Cerelac and Nestum enjoyed 80% market share in the baby food segment?


Deepa said...

I saw the stage 4 in a store called GreenApple. It is also a pharmacy. It is in the Total Mall Sarjapur road (near springfirls apt)

Anonymous said...

If you check their website, it does not mention Cerelac, Nestum or Nan.