Friday, September 11, 2009

No Sucking. No Touching.

We were getting ready for school this morning, when LG hurriedly started sucking his thumb. He turns three this December and there are no signs of leaving this habit. Anyways, so he started protesting he wasn't ready for school. The reason: he wanted to suck his thumb.

We were running late, so I told him he could get back from school, and then we can discuss if it was good idea to suck or not. The master story-teller that he is now, he quickly removed his thumb, and went on to narrate how his ma'am asks him to stop sucking, making school not-such-a-great-place to hang at.

As if this weren't enough, as we were leaving school last afternoon, he tells his ma'am, "No touching mains. Vely dan-ge-lous." From table fan to mains to transformer, everything is dangerous now.

While on vacation last month, he happened to cut his fingers by putting the inside a running table fan. So you know how dangerous entered his dictionary. And I very much regret having taught him that. This is not the age to put fear in their minds. It's enough to know what should be touched and what to stay away from.