Lil General (as we fondly call our son Pranav) had his first immunization shots for Polio and BCG on the 3rd. These are to be given within 30 days of the bith of the child.

During this visit, the doctor wanted us to take Lil General for the Pulse Polio immunization drops programme held on the 7th as well. This is an initiative undertaken by the Indian Govenment every year to erdicate Polio. I was wondering if this is something that will be harmful for the kid if not given. I found out that these are only additional to what the hospital/paediatrician gives. However, it has been made mandatory. Concerned if it would take a long while to get these drops as these are given to crores of kids across the country in various centers, I went in early this morning at 7:30 a.m.. I was pleased to find that it didn't take more than 5 mins and we were the only ones. Seeing LG they even took a picture of him and myself. This has tobe followed up by another shot on the Feb 11th. This year it is on the 7th Jan and Feb 11th.