Lil General cried incessantly for two days this week. Wondering what made him restless I tried quite a few things such as feeding him repeatedly, making sure he wasn't too cold or too hot and comforting him all the time. But nothing worked. That's when I decided to review my diet to see what had changed. I had tea to soothe my infected throat those 2 days. So I decided to stop it and see if he was doing fine. That did wonders ..the rest of my diet remained the same. Apparently caffeine causes restlessness in babies. To my surprise a cup of coffee that I have every morning suits him just fine. If you want to continue with your limited intake of caffeine you might want to have atleast 8 glasses of water so that it doesn't bother the baby much. This is ofcourse only if you are breastfeeding your baby. There are no diet restrictions if your baby is exclusively on supplements.