I'm told bathing and massaging your baby builds a special bond between the mother and kid. With time, the mother and baby enjoy this activity so much so that it brings a smile to both theor faces and long for the same the next day.

However, it takes a while for the mother to get used to handling the baby and bathing him/her well without letting the baby slip off. In the olden days, it was generally the grandparents who bathed the baby by sitting down and keep the kid in between their legs. My gyanec advised that the baby be bathed the easier way - using a small bath tub and placing the baby inside the tub while holding his head with one hand. This is convenient but bathing between the legs is quoite enjoyable. My mom bathes her grandson.

When and how should you bathe the baby?

  1. Bathe your baby only if it is a sunny day. Bathe newborns in the mornings and soon afterward show him in the sunllight for 20 mins.

  2. Use Johnson's baby/any baby product soap and shampoo to bathe the baby.

  3. Do not give oil bath during winter. Do not apply oil to the head.

  4. Give oil massage only for the body and not during winter.

  5. Do not use home made products to bathe the baby such as payatha maavu for the first 6-8 weeks until the umbilical cord wound heals.

  6. do not use sambirani to dry your baby's hair.

  7. It is advised that eithe you YOURSELf or ganrdparents bathe the baby.

  8. Use a bathtub.

  9. Keep the towel ready to wrap your baby in before you take him to bath. Keep the dress and powder ready as well. Do not expose your baby to cold air after you take him out of the tub. keep him warm. Wrap him in a towel, dry him completely and powder him well.

Even mothers should exercise caution while washing their hair if they are feeding the baby. Feed your baby before washing your hair. Dry your hair completely before feeding the baby again else he might catch a cold.