When Pranav was about 5 weeks old, he would start crying in late evenings usually at about 6:30 p.m. and this would go on until 11:30 p.m. or sometimes even later. Nothing worked to stop his crying - comforting him on shoulders/lap, rocking/swaying, singing to him, feeding. He would stop crying only for the duration of feeding and start all over again. The crying was usually accompanied by beating of his hands, legs and sucking on his hand even if he has fed for a hour just then. This went on for about a week when I was tired of feeding him continuously for hours on end. That's when Vivek found that such babies are colic.

After describing the patter of his crying to Pranav's Doc, Doc said he was a colic baby and prescribed him Coliccaid syrup to be given before feeding him every evening. In truth, nothing works for a colic baby. It just helps for sometime but starts all over again. With Pranav it stayed for about 4 weeks and then gradually came down. You could probably try giving water boiled with fennel seeds or apply vasaambu over his tummy if it is colic pain. It is no guarantee that it will work though.

There is one thing I have learned. The crying in no way affects the baby though the sound can be quite frustrating and you might feel absolutely helpless about not being able to soothe your baby. Weight gain is normal and the feeding will be adequate. He has been a healthy baby despite all that crying.