LG is nearly 3 months old now and so called "settled". His feeding and sleep routines are a lot established now than what it was during the past 2 months. Which naturally means the trip to the pediatrician has gone down drastically - from once in 4 days to once a month now. On all our earlier trips to the Doc, the only comforting factor was his increasing weight that said he was normal and crying was because he was a colic baby. Our concern if he was getting enough milk would be set to rest as soon as the Doc would weigh him and he would have sometimes gained more than his due. Here is brief weight chart :

18/12/06 At birth - 3.2 Kgs

3/1/07 - 3.2

12/1/07 - 3.6

18/1/07 - 3.8

22/1/07 - 3.96

31/1/07 - 4.28

8/2/07 - 4.54

12/2/07 - 4.76

16/2/07 - 4.9

23/02/07 - 5.46

As you can see, Pranav was weighed frequently. Curiosity got the better of me and in every trip I would guess how much he would have gained. From experience I'm telling you its not such a good thing to weigh your baby so frequently. I read that the ideal interval to weigh your baby is once a month. If your baby is happy, getting enough and active, then there is no reason to weigh.

According to Dr. Spocks, an average baby weighs 3.2 Kg at birth, gains 900 gm a month (225 gms a week)for the first three months. By six months, the average weight gain is down to 425 g a month. In the last quarter of the year, the average weight gain is down to 285 g a year.