Vivek reached here on the 16th morning. Pranav was all excited to see a new face - a welcoming change from seeing his straight faced mommy and grinning granny. Granny due to her ill health had bee out of action the past fortnight so he was very happy to see his enthusiastic new buddy - his dad. Vivek kept him entertained through the morning playing helicopter and singing "Khosla ka Ghosla" songs and talking Punjabi to him. I all this distraction, he forgot all about "turning". At about 10:40 p.m. in the night, I was mixing his formula and asked Vivek to keep an eye on him as has a tendency to push himself to the edge of the bed. Within minutes, Vivek was calling mom and me. "the boy has does it in one quick move", he said. There he was lying on his tummy face upside down, unable to lift his head. This was his first successful attempt after the night of 20th Jan which in hindsight I think was accidental.

For the ext 5 days he tried in vain to repeat it. He did it multiple times yesterday and is now able to lift his head. It is so ingrained in him that even when he is half sleep he turns involuntarily, looks around and gives a sheepish smile. Unable to get back on his back, he starts crying. The whole thing is funny but it is a first milestone sorts for him.

Pranav also responds to his granny talking to him very well. Goes on repeating aakhun aakhun for everything she says. He doesn't mutter even the slightest sound when I am around :( but I am so fond of him saying aakhun that I keep calling mom to talk to him.