Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 3: Boys and Tools

Li'l General's vocabulary of words at 26 months is driving me insane. It pretty much consists of these in varying combination:

Aby (Helicopter)
Pan (Fan)
On / Band (Close)
Begine (Machine)
Pone (Phone)
Zoom (Car zooming)
achee (A/c)
Cachachum (computer)
Plintal (Printer)
Ion (Iron box)
Vacum (Vacuum)
Thlead miiii (Tread Mill)
Mikchie (Mixie)
Mico (Microwave)
Caamala (Camera)

I've no idea what is so fascinating about a a/c or a fan that he stops by to see the same a/c a zillion times while I'm trying to show him a beautiful carpet of a hookah. His craze for electrical and electronics has frown hundred fold this past 1 month. There have been days when he has driven my brother and I mad by saying "aby" like a thousand times a day. All he said on some days was just "aby" and "charge" and "battery". My brother got him two sets of motorised helicopter from the US, that required 6 batteries each. He operated it so much so that the set of batteries would last hardly for a day. We would put him to sleep under the pretext that he can resume playing the next morning. LG would wake up the next morning and the first words would be "aby". Both the sets of helicopters are now in pieces so we had to leave them behind.

After coming to Bahrain, it's all about a/c, heater, and other machines. Is it the case with all boys or is it just LG?


Vivek said...

yes its called "Boys n Toys"

chaos said...

son of two instrumentation engineers ... well that's bound to happen :)