Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 4:Dust Storm Grounds Us

One rule I had forgotten from my early days in Bahrain: check the weather before you plan for the day. We were all set to leave this morning for shopping when I stepped on to the balcony to pick my towel. To my surprise, it was cold and yellow all over. I got back in, washed my face, and stepped out again (to wake myself out of the slumber); it was still the same, if only worse. Nothing was visible beyond a few hundred meters. That's when I realized it was the dust storm. Commonsense dictates not to venture out in this weather, and to walk will be the easiest way to kill oneself. So we stayed indoors for pretty much the whole day and in the evening dad took us for a drive to DHS where LG had a great time going through the toys, picking clothes for himself and a green dolphin to give his pink one at Bangalore company.