Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 5: Yoga is Stimulating

Today was a relatively quiet day for me. Not quite so for LG who went on a socializing spree with mom. He accompanied my mother to her yoga class this morning. The class got canceled so the kids ended up playing while the aunties gossiped for a while; mom is returning after six months so it was more of a catching up session.

In the evening, it was still cold and windy from yesterday's dust storm. We briefly stopped at the supermarket to shop for veggies, fresh milk and stock up on LG's puddings. I've been down with a nasty stomach bug since evening. The shooting pain got worse, so we cut the trip short and returned home; I curled on the couch once we got back home. The pain just didn't subside. I can't recollect what I fed LG or how he got into bed beside me. A few home remedies and a nap of few hours seemed to do the trick. It was well past 11 when dad woke me up. He gave me a cup of cold curd whirled with sugar; I am all set to get going now. It's going to be a long night and I'm just getting started with my daily project...