Monday, November 06, 2006

Week 33 : Fever

A glass of cold water late in the night was all it took for my throat to act cranky the next morning. There is a change in the climate signalling the onset of monsoon soon. Thr throat got worse this morning that called for a meeting with the doctor late in the evening. Doc prescribed a generous course of antibiotics, tablets for the throat infection to subside and a syrup for the cough.

Not too satisfied with the treatment of my gynaec's assitant doctor who presecribed these medicines without examining me, I decided to resort to home remedies instead. I had refrained from taking antibiotics all these months.

A throat infection if not cured immediately generally takes its full course of running nose, fever and finally cough (in the same order). what has worked for me over the years is this :

1. Salt water gargling - 3-4 times a day during the throat infection phase. One dispirin tablet dissolved in hot water to be drunk before sleeping.

2. Hot milk with a dash of turmeric before sleeping.

3. A pinch of Thalesadi churnam mixed with honey - the churnam is available in all ayurvedic shops.

4. Hot water steaming with a few drops of Karvol or eculyptus oil during the running nose phase.