Thursday, February 08, 2007

Top ten reasons why your newborn cries..

Every time my seven week old son cries, I wish he could speak and tell me whats bothering him. It would be difficult to believe any new parent who says my child doesn't cry. All kids cry from anywhere between 1 to 3 hours everyday. That's the only way they can communicate their needs. Over the weeks I have made a list of why my son cries. Based on his needs/moods the tone and the length of every crying session differs.

  1. I'm hungry. I need to be fed. - This by far is the most common reason or the most convenient one for parents to assume. Trouble starts when crying doesn't stop after being fed.

  2. Putting him down after every feed irritates him. Regurgitating after the feed makes him comfortable.

  3. I've done it. I'm lying in a wet bed. Change my nappy. Make it quick.

  4. Dodos..I need some air. I'm either too warm or too cold. Touch my neck or tummy and decide which one it is.

  5. I can't sleep by myself. Hold me and sing me lullabies.

  6. Stomach ache. Mommy ..what did you eat. My tummy is aching.

  7. Hiccup is bothering me. Will you do something about it?

  8. I need to urinate but its paining. I'm straining...

  9. I'm sick..running nose, fever and an irritatig throat etc..

  10. No good reason. I'm bored and need some entertainment.