Saturday, February 24, 2007

Expressing breastmilk

When nipples go sore and you can't feed any longer, it is best not to waste the milk and to express them and store them in sterilized containers. When not fed, there is tendency for the milk to overflow causing extreme discomfort. Expressing is the art of squeezing milk from your breasts.

It is extremely convenient and painless to squeeze it by hand than resort to electric pumps or syringes. You can store it in sterilized or plastic bottles. Be sure to use it within 6 hours if kept in room temperature or within 10 hours if refrigerated. Refrigerated milk should be warmed before fed. Do not heat it directly. Keep the milk in a bowl of warm water and get it to room temperature. Babies like to drink if it is warm.

I have often found the milk supply to increase after every session of expressing.