Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is your baby getting enough milk?

Grannies are quick to conclude that the baby is not getting enough milk from the mother if he does not stop crying eve after being fed for some time. Firstly, the duration for which a baby is being fed is no indication of how much the baby has druk. Some kids are lazy feeders while some would drink as if he has been hungry for ages.

If you are not covinced about the feeding being sufficient, ask your doctor. The doc usually checks the weight again and will ask you the number of times the baby urinates in a day. If there is ample weight gain (150 to 200 gms in a week) and urinates atleast 6-7 times a day then be assured that there is enough milk and there is no need for a supplement. It is good to solely feed your kid for 6 months without any other supplement. Having said that, there are times of the day like nights when the supply and demand might not match. These are rough nights that one has to patiently live through. Similarly, when your kid has a cold the demand to be fed can be very very high. On such days, have enough milk (5-6 glasses atlest) so that you can feed your baby.

Medication to increase milk production:

These ayurvedic tablets/powder that help in production of milk were prescribed.

Lactare - 2 tablets 3 times a day
Galact - to be had with milk 3 times a day.