When breastfeeding has to be stopped temporarily because of bite marks and soreness i the breasts, a mother is left with only 2 options to feed her baby - expressing milk which is safe and nutritious for the baby and naturally the best option. When expressing is also ruled out if the tissues are ruptured badly and it is painful for the mother, then the second option is to go for infant formula. When I couldn't continue any longer, I temporarily decided to go the formula route for a day or 2 that will heal the wounds and can continue feeding after that. The formula has to be prescribed by the Paed and one cannot just buy any infant formula off the shelf. The Doc prescribed Nusobee for Pranav which is a lactose free and sucrose free one. Since it was late last night by the time we got back from the Doc's, I decided to try it the first thing this morning to see if his system accepted it. He just doesn't seem to like it. Firstly, it is the first external food he is having since birth. Secondly, it is fed differently - through a spoon that he is ot used to at all. Third- it tastes yuck - no sweet, no taste! So I'm going to give it a day or two and then visit the Doc to see if he can prescribe somethig else.