Lucky are those kids who have loving and caring paternal and maternal grandparents. For them seeing their grandson or granddaughter grow is like seeing their own children grow again minus the night outs :) The pleasure is immense if it is the first grandchild for both of them. They just can't seem to have enough. Every trip out of home guarantees something for LG - even if it is 2 times a day. It is sometimes too overwhelming for them to see their son/daughter assume the new role of a parent and in their anxiety of whether we can do a good job, advices come in plenty.

I wouldn't want to undermine all the support I have got from both sets of grandparents. LG's sneeze is enough to get them on their feet and would go to any length to ensure he is fine at all times. That still makes me wonder how families do it without the support of anyone - I'm amazed and hats off to them.

I am a first time parent just as my parents or in-laws were once upon a time. Sometimes, I think I should stop trying because it is next to impossible to please both sets of grandparents. There is always something that wasn't done right or I didn't take enough care of him because of which he got his green watery stools or a cold. And I am sure this is no exception and that it happens in every Indian household. One sickness and the grandparents are jumping on their feet checking when the next flight ticket is available. Its a fever for Pete's sake and if you can go down the memory lane, I am sure we had it too while you were busy with your jobs and our moms had to manage too. The grandpas in particular are very protective these days. I don't know if it comes out of guilt that they didn't have so much of time at hand then in raising us and want to compensate for all that now. This is no accusation, it comes out of love for their grandson. But the point is there is only so much a mother can do. She can't sit day in day out next to the baby to watch if he has picked up a dirt and put it in his mouth. There might be times when the parent's body cries for rest and the baby would have slept in a wet bed. When you are on your toes from 6 a.m. and you are longing to take a break at 7:00 p.m. and if the baby decides to roll over 6 pillows and fall off the bed, you can't be blamed.

Everyone understands that sometimes a mother knows what is best for her kid. Wouldn't it be nice to let her manage things than shower her with all the advice in the world. The thought is appreciated but the list of to-dos can be tiring to a physically drained person.

We grew up fine. And so would your grandchild. so grandparents, relax and enjoy the ride.