Nusobee is a lactose free and sucrose free formula that tastes like yuck. In my case since LG started on a combination diet from 8 weeks, he was initially put on Nusobee as he was still too young to take a lactose formula. Its a different story that he made crappy faces every time he had Nusobee and I had to ultimately switch him over to NaN.

I understand kids can become lactose intolerant at any point in time resulting in diarrhea episodes. Personally, I have experienced it the 2 times I have fed him Lactogen. Lactogen doesn't suit him at all. Both Lactogen and Nan are from Nestle. I didn't find any difference in taste between the two, I don't know if kids can. Nan - Stage 1 is not easily available everywhere, which is why I fed him Lactogen on those 2 occasions.

Whenever there has been a diarrhea episode, the first advice from LG's Paed has been to stop the Lactose formula - be it Nan or Lactogen.