Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do you let your infant watch TV?

Last evening, I was out for a walk with a friend who has a 18 month old daughter. She casually remarked that the kid watches TV a lot. I was surprised to learn that she wasn't aware too much TV is harmful to the kids. Reports such as TV, Infants, and Common Sense and It's Official:
TV Linked to Attention Deficit
support the theory that kids should not be allowed to watch excessive television under the age of 2 years, if possible not at all.

There is no doubt that TV is the best possible babysitter for naughty and restless kids. If the mom has to get an work done, then all she needs to is just switch on the TV. I have to confess I tried the trick just once in these past 6 months in a desperate attempt to feed him when I had started on Formula.

I perceive TV viewing as a family culture. Some families wake up and go to bed with their television sets. I have never been a big watcher except for a few shows such as FRIENDS, American Idol and NDTV's Hot Property. On the other hand, The Seniol can watch endlessly for hours at a stretch. Things changed with LG's arrival. With the LG Live entertainment channel on, I had requested everyone in the family not to turn on TV while LG was in the room and it wasn't difficult. Its been over 3 weeks now since we tuned in.

Call me a control freak or whatever but I believe TV is a bad thing this early and not good for the eyes. And I have not run out of things or patience to keep him engaged yet. I will probably let him watch 30-60 minutes of cartoon or NGC as he grows a little older.