Ever since LG was introduced to formula at 8 weeks, I have been constantly reminded at every opportunity that breast feeding is the best and sufficient for kids until the age of 6 months. And if at all, there has to be a supplement, then it is best prepared at home after 6 months rather than putting him on baby cereal or formula which apparently have adverse effects later in life. I don't have any reports that can back that claim now. There is no denying that mother's milk is the best but I had no choice and had to resort to a combination feeding - 8-10 times my feed and 2 times formula.

Now that LG is over 6 months, I introduced him to cow's milk on Doctor's advice - Chitale being the product recommended in Pune, India. But I was in for a shock last night. Read all about it on my other blog - Dairy Milk adulteration in India. I would rather stick to Formula milk until an year and then start giving milk, which ever I feel is not adulterated. With most foods being adulterated these days, I guess baby cereals and formula are safer than caustic soda mixed milk or carrots with red colour in them.


Alok said...

I think you should take it up with Chitale's. It's quite possible that you're being supplied with a fake product - I would find that easier to believe than Chitale's indulging in adulteration :)