Thursday, December 20, 2007

Curiosity at its best

Kids are curious little creatures. I admire the vast reserves of energy and enthusiasm they carry - wonder where all that goes once we grow up! The one thing we were scared of in our house happened today. The entrance to our house does not have a wooden door, instead it is a large iron grill that opens to the drawing room on one side and a staircase on the other. Once LG learned how to crawl, we've ensured that the grill is always closed at all times of the day.

Our fear came true this morning. The Seniol had gone downstairs briefly after closing the grill to attend to some mechanical fault in our scooty while I was preparing tea in the kitchen. It's LG's habit to follow The Seniol on his way out. He usually stands by the grill until The Seniol returns. I assumed he did the same this morning too and continued with my chores. There was a loud sigh from The Seniol after a few minutes and I rushed to see with shock that LG was sitting at the top of flight of stairs. One wrong step and he would be rolling down.

The Seniol swore he had pulled the grill gate, so we recreated the scene to see what LG does and how he managed his way through. He stood on the extreme corner and mustered all his strength to slide the door wide enough to let his head through, then got down into crawling position and pushed his head out. Once the head was out, he pushed his body sideways and got himself out in a matter of seconds. That really was child's play. We've decided to secure it with a lock now and stay careful.