Monday, December 24, 2007

Getting over the 1 year mindset

Lil General turned 1 on 18th December. Strangely, that changed a lot of things for me. My attitude, my mindset towards him. He is still a baby to the world but to me he has grown up in ways only I can understand.

Let me explain. I don't panic at the drop of a hat. I'm cool if he has fallen down; if he is running temperature. Don't interpret that as being reckless or callousness towards him. I still take the precautions and necessary action when needed but don't raise hell and call every person in the family. I can handle stuff on my own. I've grown up with him; I treat him just like another human being who can understand me but can't communicate verbally yet. I am confident enough to take him to the Doctor alone. I don't rush to pick him or massage him when he falls. I stay close but I let him recover. He is growing and has to understand the consequences of actions, I tell myself.

His food has changed phenomenally too. As if it made a huge difference between 17th December and 19th December. On 17th December it was the same old Cerelac and mashed rice and dal. Suddenly, on 19th all that changed. He has tasted more vegetables/ fruits, more textures, more variety in the past week than all the months put together. He was all grown up in a week to be able to bite Pomegranate, grapes and musk melon - something that I had never tried before. I refrained from Honey for fear of botulism for a year. When he coughed a couple of days back, I felt honey would soothe his throat and it did. Cheese slices were hard on his digestive system, I perceived earlier. Now, it's ok to give even 2 slices in a day. A month before, when he would hang around us while we ate lunch. dinner with dropping tongues all he got was a hug / kiss and his bottle of water. Now, I treat him a with a bite from my plate that is met with a satisfied smile.

It's alright to venture out without wearing socks now while we protected him with socks, cap and jacket every time we went for a walk. How come it's alright to pick something from the floor and eat now? Ofcourse, we are quick to snatch it from his hands and throw it away.

Nothing has changed much. Only our mindset has. The difference a date makes, a milestone makes. He reminds us that he is still a baby when he falls asleep after every three hours and that his body can only take so much.


samskruthi said...

Hi Lakshmi,
I have been reading your blog, right through my pregnancy and now I have 5 month old lil girl.Your blog in a way answers most of my concerns abt rearing kids.

L said...

Hi Samskruthi,

Thank you for the note; really glad to hear this.

- Lakshmi