Saturday, December 01, 2007

List of baby products I use

People usually don't tag me, so I am voluntarily picking this one so that it becomes a reference point for me in the future, just in case.

Nappies and Diapers:

Nappy Pad - Actifit until 5 months. Later either Johnson and Johnson or Huggies, as they are thick.

Diapers - Pampers

Nappy liner - Mothercare (Junior's)

Diaper rash cream - Palmer's or Vaseline


Mostly gifts from friends and family.

When we shop, it is the local brand for home as thy are the most comfortable without any jazzy accessories and Lilliput. Outside wear is Gini and Jony.

Woolen wear is from Liliput and Mothercare.

Socks and Mittens - Juniors

Receiving sheet and blanket - Juniors


I don't use baby powder or baby lotion.

Soap - Johnson's

Baby shampoo - Johnson's

Baby oil and baby hair oil - Johnson's

Olive oil for kids - Dabur

Baby comb and brush - Chicco

Lotion for head scales - Elocon

Wet wipes - Mee / Chicco / Johnson's / Pigeon

Bath foam - Chicco

Feeding Accessories

Bottle - Mother's, Junior's

Water Kettle - Black and Decker

Bottle Brush -

Formula - Nan - stage 1 and Nan - stage 2

Cereal - Nestum - Rice (4-6 months), Nestum - stage 2 (8-10 months) and Cerelac - stage 1 (6-8 months) and Nestum stage 3 and Cerelac - stage 3 (after 10 months).
Only flavor I've not tried is the one with honey. Cerelac is wheat based and hard to digest. Nestum is rice based and easily digestible.


Poppins said...

Nice list ! And I will tag you next, just you wait *evil grin*

L said...

Thanks. Now, was that inviting trouble :)?

Tarun Chandel said...


I recently started reading your blog and I really like it. I will be reading a lot more entries in coming days. Looking forward to more interesting posts :)