Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LG's mom : You should be more patient

So said the Pediatrician, during our last visit. There was no concrete reason for that visit; just to satisfy my whims and fancies and get a reason for the sudden fussiness in eating. I knew the answer all along but nothing is more comforting than hearing it from the Doc's mouth. The cough was troubling LG because of which he switched to pursed lips at the sight of food. Doc had one sane advice : don't force feed him until he comes crying to you to be fed. I didn't have to take that path and LG was back to his normal food habits within a day or two.

It was perhaps my over-description of how resistant he was to food that put off the Doc, or was it to know what I should be feeding a 10 month old baby. He went off to rattle a whole list of food that put my cooking skills to shame. Wow, I thought - a 10 month old could actually eat all these (on a serious retrospection note, most of this was already on his diet). After listening to my rants until I stopped, he finally remarked, "you have to be more patient." Naturally, he was on Lil General's side. And, I can't blame the Doc - he is the most coolest, non-hassled docs I've ever seen. Never promises that his medicines will cure the child immediately though it always does in a day, never creates anxiety or alarms you unnecessarily; what is amazing is he tells the truth as it is in a way you are not worried too much; always answers his phone and never bothers the child with the weighing machine. I am always adamant on knowing how much he weighs - to satisfy mine and my mom's curiosity if I am doing a good job - yea I know a child being active is more important than his chubbiness, but still. The Doc does weigh after that but shrugs my question if he is normal that he is above average. All in all, he is a great Doc and I better be patient with LG.

Reason for this post is LG has fallen sick again. Yes, the cold demons are visiting him again. I started on his usual medication of Sinarest syrup and Mox 125 mg tablets and he has shown improvement. But every time I feed him, he thinks its medicine on its way and is stubborn that he doesn't even look at me anymore. I've given up on feeding him and was so wild this afternoon that I felt like shouting at him and smacking him. He is too young and as a parent I would never hit a child - not my style. Got to be patient, I told my self. But believe me, a toddler can really drive one up the wall.


Timepass said...

I see that LG will turn (or has turned) one this month. Happy Birthday to LG!

L said...

Thank you. He turns one today.