Friday, October 10, 2008

Discovery of the Moon

I was cooking LG's dinner last night when I heard a very excited LG pace up and down between the balcony and the drawing room. Thanks to the Airtel signal, all our phone conversations are public. My FIL was in the midst of a conversation when LG tried to get his attention. This is quite normal so I didn't pay any heed for he always looks up to his grand-pa for help to get any object that's out of his reach. But this seemed different.

Before I knew, I see an equally excited grand-pa calling out for me with LG perched on his shoulder. The gleam on their faces said they had a remarkable achievement and I was only too eager to know what it was. Turned out LG discovered a white object in the sky which we know by "moon". I had been trying for months to show him the moon in Pune and all he saw were the trees, passersby on the street, his favorite dogs but not the moon. I forgot about it eventually and gave up. Now the kid decides to go out one fine night and discover it all by himself. I am so happy to see him happy on seeing the moon. I can't recall the last thing that got him so excited. The first thing he wakes up today morning and says is "Moo" and rushes off to the balcony. Every hour or so he steps to see if moon has made an appearance or is still playing peek-a-boo. I convinced him it will come in the night and sent a message to Sun to ensure that while he stepped out he sent in the Moon. LG was happy with my conversation with Sun and didn't ask for it until night-fall. Tonight he wasn't satisfied with the view from the balcony, so we stepped out and saw it from different angles - between the bushes, in open air and clear view, from the terrace and from the road with the buzzing noise of the traffic in the background.
Small moments as these are the highlights of motherhood that I wouldn't miss for anything. They bring more joy than all our material buys put together! Thank you LG for making us happy every day.