VIBGYOR High is one of the schools I'm considering for LG for pre-nursery/nursery; it is not far off from where we live. Most forums online about schools in Bangalore mention this one, so I decided to visit personally. I was pleased with the school. Here's a detailed review based on my two visits:


Honestly, it was intimidating taking a tour of the school on my first visit. BIG and sophisticated is what I thought. Now having seen a few more, I think parents feel it is a given that schools should have facilities such as splash pool, swimming pool, skating rink, basketball courts, aerobics classes and the like. I liked the school but thought it was too big for LG to start his academic career from. I mean I wanted something small and homely for him initially that would make him comfortable. But I guess it's more in my head. What does a 2 year old know what's a school and a play home is?

So, coming back to the facilities, the schools boasts of all that I've just mentioned. Currently, they start from the toddler (pre-nursery) program and have classes until 7th Std. They follow the ICSE curriculum. A few parents I spoke to had the concern that since this school does not have until 10th Std. they are not considering. That's the last on my list to begin with. I'm here for pre-nursery who knows if we continue to stay in Bangalore or not and moreover, maybe a few years down the line the school might introduce more classes too, who knows? I think it's too far-sighted to base a decision for securing admission in pre-nursery by considering 10th Std. which is still years away.

The nursery and pre-nursery sessions were over when I visited so there were no children around. Since the school also runs a day care center some kids move over to the day care center after completing the nursery classes.

The pre-nursery section of the school on the ground floor was segregated from the classes of older children in the other wing or the upper floors. All the classes seemed colorful, bright and equipped with single chair and table - a far cry from the wooden benches we had at our schools.

Admission process:

The application forms for next year were distributed this August so they reached the 100% by the time I went in which was late September. They did take in the application form but refused to commit. One has to visit personally to collect and submit the application which costs Rs.650 in all. I know, pretty weird! Come to think of it, it's the cost of entertaining parents and showing them around. The personnel at the reception are friendly and answer all your queries patiently which is one thing I liked about the school.


They have two more branches coming up - one off Sarjapur Road and one in Whitefield.


The location can be a put off as it is about 800 meters in the interior from the main road. There is no proper road leading to the school - just a muddy one. Roller coaster ride free of cost guaranteed.

How to get there:

If you are coming from the old airport or outer ring road or KR puram, join the old airport road and proceed towards Varthur.
Cross the flyover (the one with Purva Riviera and the concrete jungle on the left).
Keep going straight and you will come to the signal.
Turning left will take you to ITPL. Instead continue straight, you will see Brand Zone to your left and KC Das to your right. Keep going.
About 700 meters from the signal, take a U turn and come towards Shriram Samrudhi Apartments. Next to the apartment is a muddy road.
Take this road; it will lead you to the school which is at about 800 meters from the main road.


Anonymous said...

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Ravi Amane said...

What do you think about the school now that your child would have completed a year there?

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.