Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fearless little kids..

It was about 7 p.m. last evening. LG and I were returning home from a birthday party in the apartment complex; it had rained heavily just a few hours before so there were poodles of water along the pathway. The walking path was poorly lit so I could barely see. However, a few feet ahead in the darkness I imagined seeing something jumping sideways. A little closer and it was unmistakeably a frog. A few steps forward and to my shock it is not one or two but atleast two dozen of them. I was scared of stepping on one of them so quickly moved ahead without looking back. LG who was holding my hand suddenly shook his hands off me. What do I see? The kid is bending down to pick up a frog showing absolutely no signs of fear while I am dumbstruck. My instant reaction was only to shove him aside and take him back home.

The amazing part is as kids we are so fearless and then later grow up to be the ones with a hundred phobias like my fear of cockroaches.


Vivek Nath said...

he he he next time show hima frog and get one home too ..put it in jar...:))