Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The country mouse goes to town!

It must be a lucky day thought LG, for he stepped out the apartment complex on Sunday evening. It had been almost a month since we went on an outing. Since The Seniol left, the number of times we step out are far and few. Mostly, my FIL and I take turns to stock groceries while LG is asleep so as not to cart him along. And, what did his dear mom choose as a hangout place - the neighborhood mall. Couldn't she come up with something better? No, seriously! Anyways, there's a dearth of places in this concrete jungle where I can take LG for a peaceful walk in the evening or just stroll around the locality gazing at children play, cows grazing while breathing in fresh air. A dream we left behind but it's not so bad here either within the apartment complex. He has a company of dozen other children his age to play with which makes every evening fun.

Malls are not totally new to LG though he detests them a lot or atleast used to. Because it meant no visit to the park that evening for one. Secondly he was not allowed to run around freely. On more than one occasion he has disturbed stuff in display on the shelves. It puts him off to be lugged around in the cart or on my shoulder. I was expecting a revolting behavior in tune with his terribl-two phase lately. But to my surprise he was well-behaved. The sight of a toy shop caught his attention as soon as we entered and he longed for every stuffed toy to the motorized car and cycle. I had to literally drag him out of the store as he parked himself comfortably on the floor refusing to budge. Other than this, I think he enjoyed the trip. We got a large portrait done of him. I became a monkey, a donkey, an elephant, a clown but nothing brought a smile to the poker-faced LG. Once the shot was taken, he was grinning cheek- to-cheek like a Cheshire Cat .