I take Lil General out for a walk every evening for 20-30 mins anytime between 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Now the timing when we go out has become critical for it depends on a lot of factors such as if LG is up after his nap, if I've showered in the evening, if LG has been fed and can enjoy the walk for another 30 mins without his hunger pangs and if the weather is pleasant. None of these are more important than seeing to it my neighbour aunty is not out, standing on the road.

Unsolicited parenting advice comes free of cost and in loads. Initially, I appreciated her care and would thank her. Now, I dread my evening walks. Just the day before when I was on the verge of breaking down because of physical exhaustion and taking care of a kid who has been having dysentery for the past 10 days with no medication having any effect on him, not to mention the alternate day trips to the doctor and a no-water,no-power for 48 hours situation at home, the last thing I needed to hear was "You didn't take good care of your baby. He was so healthy and chubby when he came. Look at him now." I simply muttered, "yes, aunty" and walked away with the excuse that LG needed to be fed. I took it in my stride.

Last evening, the weather was pleasant outside and quite humid inside so LG enjoyed his walk. Just as we were returning, the aunty emerged out of nowhere and commented, "Don't you know, you got to put on a cap for him. Don't take him out this way."

I'm still not the kind who would be utterly rude to strangers and tell them to mind their business. The best part of the situation is a lot of advice from her 17 year old daughter. I know LG is my first kid. I'm not a lot experienced here. LG did not come with an instruction manual but I think I am doing a fairly decent job of parenting even if I've never done it before.

And this unsolicited advice comes in abundance from all quarters who have kids. I, for one, would consciously not want to do this to another woman in a similar situation.


Anonymous said...

The one other person whose advice u might not want to hear would be mother-in-law.
My MIL visited me for 6 months when my little one was born and I had to listen to her "advice" (read complains) all the time.

The only person whose advice I can truly take is my mother.