According to BabyCenter's newsletter for a 7 month, 2 week old baby ,

You've always known that you and your baby are two separate creatures, but she hasn't. To her, the two of you are one — she has no identity of her own yet. When you put her in front of a mirror, she doesn't even realise that the baby she sees is herself. But this month she'll make a huge mental leap and finally understand that she's an individual, with her own body, thoughts, and feelings. This jump in understanding opens the door to her growing emotional and physical independence, which will take years to fully develop.

This is so true. He is beginning to get an identity of his own. Lil General is always on a exploratory mode, trying to see how everything in the world tastes from the mirror to Netgear to carpet to music system to atta. Children have the maximum nerve endings in their mouth and they perceive the world through their taste of things apparently, that kinda explains why he is always eyeing one thing or the other to put in his mouth.

We are amazed at the development and changes in a week. Every week, every day is a new beginning and he doesn't cease to astonish us with the things he does. Climbing over 2 pillows like rock climbing to fall on back on his head, head banging his way through upright pillows as though he is making his way through the great wall of china is not out of normal now. What is abnormal is his change in behavior, looking at me after every move of his for appreciation,, acknowledgement etc and when he knows he is up to something mischievous not looking me in the eye and giving that sheepish smile and looking from the corner of his eye.

He sure knows how to get his way. He has perfected the art of cause and effect. Crying and screaming can get things done, the boy has realised. It took us a while to understand he was just throwing tantrums and nothing was actually bothering him.

Last night, I cried out for help in pain. Lil General was all over me. He crawled and climbed over me and attacked my face and caught a fistful of hair in both his hands and refused to let go. I just couldn't get him off me and I asked The Seniol to help me out. This was definitely not a 7 month old kid. All of this because I playfully teased him by taking away his favorite pillows and placed them over me. We just wanted to see if he understands what is his stuff and what is not. He sure does!