Friday, August 10, 2007

Bugs in Nestum Rice

Nestum Rice- Stage 1 has been a key component of Lil General's diet since he was six months old. He enjoys eating it mixed with mashed vegetables, curd or formula milk. As usual I opened a new carton of Nestum Rice yesterday afternoon and fed him. In the night I emptied the contents into LG's labeled Nestum container that had been washed and dried that morning. To my horror, I saw tiny black mustard like things in the contents of the pack - almost the size of mustard seeds, maybe a little bigger. on closer examination, I realized they were actually bug. Who would have imagined in their wildest dreams for kid's cereal to have bugs. The Seniol went immediately to get it replaced and wrote a letter of complaint as well to Nestle Foods. If this is the state of branded products, then I wonder where we are going?

It also explains LG's smelly dysentery episode since Sunday night. I had spotted 2 or 3 such black things earlier but dismissed them as ingredients of Nestum when I very well knew it is crystal white with no additives. I should have inspected the earlier carton better. The dysentery is slightly under control now but not totally - smelly potty 5-6 times a day containing questionable stuff in it and the texture no better. The discomfort he was at every night as he had those bowel movements are still a nightmare. He has been waking up precisely at 1:30 a.m. every night and would continue with his potty activity until 2:00 a.m. Sometimes, home made stuff is better than these packaged foods.