Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Domino effect - ant, cough and fever

The Seniol calls it the Domino effect. Saturday night, Lil General went to bed a little early and woke up around 9:50 p.m. with a high pitched cry that slowly gave into howling ..we got scared. Nothing soothed him and he kept crying for a good 25 mins. Hugging, comforting on the shoulders, feeding, nothing at all. Helpless I just kept rocking him not knowing what was bothering him. I did a quick mental run of what he was fed that day and if some new food was causing a tummy ache. We knew it had to be ant bite but just couldn't find that damn small red ant. When he finally stopped crying, I noticed his lips swell. An ant had bit him there and on the temple :(
The incessant crying gave way to cold and cough the next morning and crankiness crept in a day later with restless sleep the following nights. Finally after the visit to the Paed, he is doing better.