Thursday, August 09, 2007

No respite from daily drudgery

Every parent thinks they were better off when their kids were much younger. when your infant is 6 months old, you feel he was much more manageable when he was a newborn for you didn't have to deal with child proofing your home or keeping a watch on him all the time as he rolls over or crawls. At 9 months when he is able to stand you think, crawling was still manageable as he would reach the TV cabinet or empty the contents of your higher shelves in the cupboard. The reality is every stage of a child's development presents its own challenges and you learn to cope with them all kids grow so do you mentally. Think about it for a minute, a newborn gave you sleepless nightmares, so a six month old who sleeps through the night is much better that way even if he keeps you on your toes through the day, isn't it?

When Lil General was a month old and I was not fit physically after delivery, though I did not get any sleep in the night, I had all the support of my family and domestic helps who took care of all the household chores. Now 8 months after LG's birth, I'm physically well and can run around, the demands have also grown proportionally with me running the show alone. Sometimes you are exposed to only so much you can take :)

Off days are numerous when the maids goes on a long leave of absence and I plunge into madness trying to get all the stuff done around home while handling LG. Its a choice I made to stay home. So sometimes I think, either I can bitch about it and stay gloomy spreading the infectious unpleasantness to those around me or I can get done with it all as quickly as I can and be happy doing thing I love to which is losing money on the stock market :) Today is just one of those days when nothing goes well, hence this post. I already feel better after writing this. Now I can get back to work. The daily drudgery is for here to stay. I will have to work ways around it to keep me and my family cheerful.